Gary, Gold Coast Medium

psychic medium, psychic readings, medium Gary Gold Coast I am a genuine and naturally gifted, Clairvoyant and Medium with over 40 years experience. Born in Tasmania, I am a third generation, Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium working on the Gold Coast. I provide rivate Psychic Readings at Reedy Creek, Gold Coast, Queensland, 6 days per week, including evenings.

At ten I was aware my "Guardian Angels" and my "Guides" were around and I always felt comfortable.

I have had many wonderful experiences with Mediumship including a clear vision of my parents in the afterlife. Just after my father passed over, I was awoken from sleep and both my parents appeared together in their physical form from the Spirit world. They reassured me they were both happy and together again and sending me love and encouragement.

I was very fortunate to work with Jason Betts at his Metaphysical College in Tasmania, to further enhance my psychic and mediumship skills.

Taught in a caring and methodical way, I now also teach Psychic Tarot (in depth), Psychometry, which is tapping into a client"s energies from reading a piece of often worn jewellery, and then reading their Auric Field. I also do Photo Readings and Mediumship.

I now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, where I do psychic readings, psychic tarot, mediumship development and teach at Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Some of my work includes Mediumship, in depth Psychic Tarot, Channeling through my Higher Guides, Healing through Reiki - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and Reiki Mastership, and Crystal Therapy Healing, (specific crystals placed on the client"s Chakras and around the body in a systematic way). Spiritual Counselling covering all areas of life. All my courses cover practical and theory and are Certificate endorsed.

  • Featured on Briz 31TV Brisbane channelling a reading for the company
  • Trained ATA metaphysical college in Tasmania
  • Featured in many news papers throughout Australia
  • Qualified Reiki Master
  • Qualified Crystal Therapist
  • Qualified Counsellor on all levels
  • Teacher of Metaphysics (spiritual courses)

"For many of my adult years I have been living day-to-day, week-to-week being busy raising a child and building a career. During this time I have experienced a cycle of personal and career growth and also sometimes profound personal dissatisfaction. I was drawn to Gary"s booth at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane and at this time received a very accurate reading. I returned the following year and this has now become the beginning of my own period of expansive spiritual growth. Gary has been the ideal teacher for me. Trustworthy, kind, generous and also professional, structured, prepared and well experienced. Through opening myself to Mediumship under Gary"s guidance I am in very good hands and really enjoying the experience."
Kathy, QLD

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