"I have done quite a few courses with Gary and find him to be very patient, structured and methodical in his teachings. I enjoy learning from him because of his ability to draw upon both theory and general knowledge to provide a learning experience tailored to my level of ability. He is the teachers teacher - providing courses for those who are just starting out and have an interest in the metaphysics field to those people who are trained spiritual healers working in the community. He is a great mentor and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to advance their knowledge in this field. Gary is also a skilled healer and can help people review their current life situations and what they can do to improve their health and well being."

"For many of my adult years I have been living day-to-day, week-to-week being busy raising a child and building a career. During this time I have experienced a cycle of personal and career growth and also sometimes profound personal dissatisfaction. I was drawn to Gary's booth at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane and at this time received a very accurate reading. I returned the following year and this has now become the beginning of my own period of expansive spiritual growth. Gary has been the ideal teacher for me. Trustworthy, kind, generous and also professional, structured, prepared and well experienced. Through opening myself to Mediumship under Gary's guidance I am in very good hands and really enjoying the experience."
Kathy, QLD

"I have just completed my 3 day Mediumship Course with Gary and I found him an amazing teacher. I am grateful that I have received valuable tools, especially how to protect myself, how to connect with my guides, and understand symbols and visions. This will help me strengthen my spirit connection and daily life. It was a safe and calm environment and I'll felt I was in good hands. Gary is very meticulous in his teaching and I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to learn Mediumship. I am looking forward to continue learning from Gary."

"I have just finished my Mediumship Course with Gary and I found him to be the real deal. The tools he presents to you are straight forward yet extremely effective. He is very methodical and I really loved that about his teachings. It is a safe and gentle environment and you are supported along the way and no question is ever left unanswered. I am very honoured and blessed to have been taught by such an amazing teacher who takes his work very seriously. I feel confident in my ability to connect to Spirit after completing this course and looking forward to learning more from Gary."

"After recently attending one of Gary's four day Mediumship Workshops I have already suggested to friends they make time to attend. He is a gentle, kind, understanding and knowledgeable teacher who is generous in his sharing of what he has learned and experienced in his field. Gary's teaching and guidance gives structure to what is too often only a vaguely defined field of healing and thereby allows you to develop Mediumship at your own speed feeling safe and sure of where you are heading. For anyone seeking a safe place to learn that will set them on a strong pathway and both allow them to find and to gain confidence in their abilities I cannot recommend Gary's course highly enough."
Lynee McGee

"I am writing this testimonial to let the everyone know that for years now I have been experiencing visions and feelings, that I could never explain. I have ask numerous people in the psychic world but no-one up until now could explain or help me to get the answers I needed. I have just completed a 4 day Mediumship Course with Gary and finally now I have the clarification I needed. He was absolutely amazing he has showed me how to protect myself, connect with my guides, but most importantly understand the symbols and visions I was seeing, he gave me so much valuable information that I will be using for years to come. I would highly recommend anyone to Gary to help them find their answers and let him teach you to connect with the spirit world."
Judi, QLD

"I recently completed a Psychic Tarot course with Gary. Prior to the course, I had very little experience at reading the cards. I found Gary to be very methodical in his teaching and he moved at a pace suitable to my level of learning. Care and attention was given in the areas I needed the most and I felt supported through out the entire duration of the course. I would recommend Gary to anyone who has had little or no experience in tarot card reading because he was accurately able to gauge the level I was working out and fully support me with my learning. I am looking forward to completing another course with Gary shortly."

"When I first saw Gary for a reading it immediately became apparent that he was a genuine medium/clairvoyant. He described my family and my mother and deceased father perfectly. He then progressed to make predictions regarding when we would move house (which month) and exactly what was blocking me from moving forward with my work. His predictions were subsequently proven accurate. I would highly recommend seeing Gary to anyone that feels at a crossroads or just in need of deeper reflection on their direction in life. I assure you that you well be pleased that you have."
B King, QLD

"I had a wonderful reading with Gary, with great insight into my future and supportive information to form the right decisions and direction for myself and my life. Thank you so much Gary."

"Gary quickly related the information he was receiving and was especially accurate with his description of myself and my family members. I found him to be compassionate and genuine and I walked away from my reading with a great, positive feeling about my future. Gary is definitely a gifted Clairvoyant and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is interested in receiving an accurate reading."
Leigh, NSW

"My reading with Gary was so accurate and his precision on important issues, particularly family was extremely overwhelming. His genuine empathy and sincerity made my reading so much more rewarding. Gary has the natural ability of communicating clearly and to the point."
Christine, NSW

"I found Gary's reading to be absolutely spot on. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is at a crossroad and needs direction. Extremely good value for money."
Thora, Mooloolaba

"Hi to all you believers and non-believers. I had a reading from Gary. He was so spot on in lots of things. One such thing in my mind thought it could happen, but 5 grandchildren in 1 year that blew me away."
Lyn, Bundamba

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