Chakra Healing on the Gold Coast. This healing is the process of balancing one's Chakras, which are energy centres in our body. We have seven Major Chakras and 21 Minor Chakras.

Firstly, before a Chakra healing session, I call in Healing Guides from the Spirit World and use a specific feather to cleanse the whole Auric Field.

Secondly, I use specific crystals to remove past emotions and any blockages I have found within the Human Energy System. These are used to remove all situations of fear, emotions, depression and low self esteem, which tends to remain within the body and in the Chakras.
These blockages are removed through the placement of crystals on the client in a systematic way, whilst laying down on a therapeutic table. The client listens to relaxing music as the healing commences.

Finally, I place a Crystal Bed of specific crystals around the whole body and various crystals on the seven Chakras to bring about optimum health, energise and fully revitalise the client for a 30 to 60 minute full healing session.

After the session the client is completely recharged and all blockages have been removed and their Chakra System is fully balanced.

I also teach Chakra Balancing as a Course on the Gold Coast.

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