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Two Day Course - Theory and Practical - Certificate Endorsed

Learn to be a confident Medium. This Mediumship Course covers specific awareness meditations and mediumship exercises to assist with growth and connecting with loved ones for those wanting to hear from loved ones passed over into the Spirit World. (Photos are not used in mediumship courses, my method of teaching is connecting with the Spirit of the loved one.)
A Beginners Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level is available. Students can be taught individually or in groups. I teach mediumship methodically and how we connect individually to the other side.

Topics included are:

Testing your Guides - a procedure which is important when you are working with those of a very High Vibration and have Spiritual Growth at heart.

The five senses we all have are taught within this Mediumship Course, these are:

  • Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing (1)
  • Clairaudience: Hearing (2)
  • Clairsentience: Our Gut Feeling or first impressions (3)
  • Clairaugustine: Smell (4) and Taste (5)

We may not all work with all five senses as Mediums, however all of us will work in Mediumship with at least two initially.
This Mediumship Course gradually assists you to work with your strongest sense or senses first, then gives you the tools to learn more.

Symbolism and how to work with symbols.

Mediumship exercises on developing gender, the kind of employment on this earth plane, how they passed over, their work on the other side, together with a clear message for the person receiving the reading.

Positive results and self confidence from my Mediumship Course come from students being led at their own pace, perseverance and practice.

A balanced diet, relaxed lifestyle and balanced energy system is very important and I also talk about this in my Mediumship Course.

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Students from the Psychic Development and Higher Guide Connection, Theory and Practical Course held throughout 2016.

I have just completed my 3 day Mediumship Course with Gary and I found him an amazing teacher. I am grateful that I have received valuable tools, especially how to protect myself, how to connect with my guides, and understand symbols and visions. This will help me strengthen my spirit connection and daily life. It was a safe and calm environment and I'll felt I was in good hands. Gary is very meticulous in his teaching and I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to learn Mediumship. I am looking forward to continue learning from Gary.

After recently attending one of Gary's four day Mediumship Workshops I have already suggested to friends they make time to attend. He is a gentle, kind, understanding and knowledgeable teacher who is generous in his sharing of what he has learned and experienced in his field. Gary's teaching and guidance gives structure to what is too often only a vaguely defined field of healing and thereby allows you to develop Mediumship at your own speed feeling safe and sure of where you are heading. For anyone seeking a safe place to learn that will set them on a strong pathway and both allow them to find and to gain confidence in their abilities I cannot recommend Gary's course highly enough.
Lynee McGee

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