Learn Crystal Therapy Healing, Gold Coast

Two Day Course - Theory and Practical - Certificate Endorsed

In this Crystal Therapy and Healing Course on the Gold Coast, students are taught the correct meaning of the many various Crystals used for Healing.

Each Crystal is applied on the Chakra System (energy centres of the body) and every client receiving a Healing Treatment will notice a strong feeling of optimum well being.
However, by applying the specific Crystals on the seven Major Chakras, clients will feel a release of all emotional situations, stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem, a calm mind and the releasing of past or present blocks.

Crystal Bed healing is the process of placing specific Crystals on and around the client, in a specific pattern which assists to balance and interact with the other Crystals placed on the Chakras.

This helps repair their situation, for optimum healing. I have found Crystal Bed healing very beneficial in gaining a very positive Vibrational Shift within each client.

The effects of Crystal Therapy are extremely safe and positive. This course is taught in a structural and methodical way.

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