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Three Day Course - Theory and Practical - Certificate Endorsed

This Psychic Tarot Course on the Gold Coast, involves learning each Tarot Card with it's correct meaning, individually.
The Mythic or Ryder Waite Tarot Cards, are tarot cards people can connect with easily.
The Major Arcana consists of 22 Tarot Cards, which describe in detail one's own most important life Journey.
However, The Minor Arcana Cards, 56 Tarot Cards in total, have four suits.

The Cups in the Minor Arcana Tarot Card set, relate to our emotions and how we have been affected in life.

The Wands in the Minor Arcana Tarot Card set, relate to the endeavours we aim to achieve, via setting realistic goals and ambitions.

The Pentacles in the Minor Arcana Tarot Card set, relate to our endeavours with money and finances on all levels. Here we can learn how to improve our work situation for financial gain, depending on the particular tarot card, or cards involved in the client's Reading.

The Swords in the Minor Arcana Tarot Card set, relate to our positive thinking and decisions we make with our minds on many levels which resonate with our journey through life.

I teach the correct meanings of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards firstly and follow up with the four suits of the Minor Arcana Tarot Cards individually.

Once all 78 Tarot Cards are learned, I teach clients how to read confidently and work with various spreads, such as six monthly, 18 monthly, in depth and with readings.

I was taught this methodical way of teaching Psychic Tarot at the Metaphysical College in Tasmania. Clients wishing to learn this way would be confident readers through Psychic Tarot.

"I recently completed a Psychic Tarot course with Gary. Prior to the course, I had very little experience at reading the cards. I found Gary to be very methodical in his teaching and he moved at a pace suitable to my level of learning. Care and attention was given in the areas I needed the most and I felt supported through out the entire duration of the course. I would recommend Gary to anyone who has had little or no experience in tarot card reading because he was accurately able to gauge the level I was working out and fully support me with my learning. I am looking forward to completing another course with Gary shortly."
Catherine, QLD

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