Guide Connection & Channeling Gold Coast

Two Day Course - Theory and Practical - Certificate Endorsed

Channeling - Guide Connection Workshop on the Gold Coast for specific and clear answers from your own High Guides. I teach a procedure with specific types of awareness meditations for spiritual growth and self development.

Students are taken through a visionary process in their specific meditations with me on a journey to your own private sanctuary to connect with your High Guides and Guardian Angel. Steps are taken to connect with your specific High Guides to channel readings for clients, or to write music or books.
Students are then taken individually through meditations and exercises I supply, so as to make a specific connection through colour, a clear feeling or firm realistic impression. You are then taught to test these Guides who have worked with you in past lives, to be sure they are the Guides you wish to work with. They must be of Light and have your higher spiritual growth at heart.

You will be taught how to work with specific channeling and guides, not guides who are still learning on the other side.

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