Gary, Gold Coast Medium

psychic medium, psychic readings, medium Gary Gold Coast Gary is a genuine and naturally gifted, Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium with over 35 years experience, working from the Gold Coast, Queensland. Gary provides private Psychic Readings at Reedy Creek, Gold Coast, Queensland. Six days a week, including evenings. Gary will guide you through all aspects of your life, focusing on relationships, career, money, travel, and success.

Gary is proficient in psychic readings, psychic tarot, mediumship development and teaches spiritual courses at Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast. Gary does readings for those here in the present moment (psychic readings).

Some of Gary's work includes teaching Mediumship, in depth Psychic Tarot, Channelling through Higher Guides, Healing through Reiki - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and Mastership, and Crystal Therapy Healing (specific crystals placed on the client's Chakras and around the body in a systematic way).

Spiritual Counselling covering all areas of life. All courses cover practical and theory and are certificate endorsed.

"I thoughly enjoyed learning from Gary completing the three day Psychic Development Course. Gary is a teacher full of knowledge, wisdom and experience and able to answer my endless questions through out the three days. Gary taught a perfect balance of practical and theory lessons at a pace that suited the individuals. We as students were well looked after, but most importantly felt comfortable to express and explore our own spiritual selves. Gary is a teacher that helps to enhance and remind you of your true calling in life."
- HG

"When the time is right the teacher will come .. I've been searching for the right teacher/mentor for quite a few years. When I say searching I meant that I was actively looking and getting disheartened because I couldn't find one. When I stopped looking so hard they found me ... Gary is one of the teachers I study with. He suits me because there's no vague airy fairy, fluffy stuff. A bit of straight talking and practical magic. He's awesome."
- Taku

Psychic Readings

psychic readings Gold Coast Psychic Readings are available on the Gold Coast, which is an easy distance from Indoorapilly, Eagle Farm, Greenslopes, Fortitude Valley, South Brisbane, Bowen Hills, Kedron, The Gap, Riverstage, New Farm, Newstead, Windsor, Ashgrove, Toowong, and many other suburbs around Brisbane. When doing a psychic reading regarding your own physical life, I use a combination of tools:

Channeling the Psychic Reading from my Higher Guides, Psychic Tarot, Crystal Ball Scrying, and Psychometry - which is reading from a piece of well worn jewellery as it holds your own energy and vibration. This personal piece of jewellery is held in my left hand, which is the receiving hand for detailed information from my own High Level Spirit Guides. As I am channeling your reading, you hand me the piece, which retains your own specific energy from wearing it for at least three days.

The information is clear from Spirit, as I am fully focused and continually asking my Guides for detailed information to be given to my Higher Self from your Guides. I then convey the reading information which can include a series of events, colours and symbols I am aware of through my own Guides.

Psychic Development Course

mediumship workshop, Queensland

Students from the Psychic Development and Higher Guide Connection, Theory and Practical Course held throughout 2016. In this Psychic Development Course you will learn how to become more involved with the Spirit World and progress at a comfortable pace.

Specific meditations and psychic exercises are taught involving opening your Third Eye or Chakra, our Intuitive Chakra and the Crown Chakra, leading to connection to the Higher Realms of Light.

All Courses

"I have just completed my three day Mediumship Course with Gary and I found him an amazing teacher. I am grateful I have received valuable tools, especially how to protect myself, how to connect with my Guides, and understand symbols and visions. This will help me strengthen my Spirit connection and daily life.

It was a safe and calm environment and I felt I was in good hands. Gary is very meticulous in his teaching and I would recommend Gary to anyone who wants to learn Mediumship. I am looking forward to continue learning from Gary."

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