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All Courses and Workshops are available near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland. Courses available are Psychic Development, Mediumship, Channeling, Psychic Tarot, Reiki, Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Spiritual Counselling and many more.

Spiritual Courses available near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland are based on bookings, so please contact me if you are interested in any of the following courses.

Learn Mediumship near Greenslopes, Brisbane

Learn to be a confident Medium in this two day Mediumship workshop near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland. This Mediumship course covers specific awareness meditations and mediumship exercises to assist with growth and connecting with loved ones for those wanting to hear from loved ones passed over into the Spirit World. (Photos are not used in mediumship courses, my method of teaching is connecting with the Spirit of the loved one). A Beginners Level Mediumship Course, Intermediate Level Mediumship Course and Advanced Level Mediumship Course is available near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland. Students can be taught individually or in groups.

Learn Guide Connection and Channeling near Greenslopes, Brisbane

A two day Channeling workshop near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland to gain specific and clear answers from your own High Guides. I teach a procedure with specific types of awareness meditations for spiritual growth and self development. Students are taken through a visionary process in their specific meditations with me on a journey to your own private sanctuary to connect with your High Guides and Guardian Angel. Steps are taken to connect with your specific High Guides to channel readings for clients, or to write music or books.

Learn Crystal Therapy near Greenslopes, Brisbane

In this two day Crystal Therapy and Healing course near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland, students are taught the correct meaning of the many various Crystals used for Healing. Each Crystal is applied on the Chakra System (energy centres of the body) and every client receiving a Healing Treatment will notice a strong feeling of optimum well being. However, by applying the specific Crystals in seven Major Chakras, clients will feel a release of all emotional situations, stress, anxiety, depression and low self esteem, a calm mind and the releasing of past or present blocks.

Learn Reiki near Greenslopes, Brisbane

Learn Reiki in Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland in this certificate endorsed Usui Reiki Course. Level 1 Reiki - One Day, Level 2 Reiki - Two Days, Level 3, 4 and Mastership Reiki - One Day Each. These Usui Reiki Therapy and Heaing Courses were founded by a Japanese scholar, Dr Mikao Usui, who lived around the 15th century. The powerful Usui Reiki technique can be taught to anyone, and it releases emotions, fears, blocks and achieves optimum well being.

Learn Meditation near Greenslopes, Brisbane

Learn Meditation near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland in this one day Meditation workshop. This Meditation course includes visualisation methods to assist with Guide Connections, together with heightening your Vibration Level. You will improve sleep patterns, concentration, alertness, focus and attention to detail within your life. Stress levels will be reduced and you will experience better connections with your own Guides and Guardian Angels and the Higher Realms of the Spirit World. Those who live in a meditative state have better health and further their Spiritual Growth.

Learn Spiritual Counselling near Greenslopes, Brisbane

This Spiritual Counselling course near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland involves assisting you with relationships on all levels, loss of employment, financial harmony, sudden death, loss of a newborn, trauma, depression in teenagers and adults, mid-life crises, grief, managing stress and dealing with sexual issues. I teach you how to do Spiritual Counselling tactfully and advise your clients how to cope with life in a structural way, to adjust to changes at their own pace. This course includes how to read a client's auric field which often pinpoints the problem or situation. Especially via colours in the auric field. This Spiritual Counselling course near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland can also include a high level of Spiritual Awareness Meditations, High Guide Connections and Psychic Protection.

Learn Psychic Tarot Course near Greenslopes, Brisbane

This Psychic Tarot course near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland involves learning each Tarot Card with it's correct meaning, individually. I teach the correct meanings of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards firstly and follow up with the four suits of the Minor Arcana Tarot Cards individually. Once all 78 Tarot Cards are learned, I teach clients how to read confidently and work with various spreads, such as six monthly, 18 monthly, in depth and with readings.

Learn Psychometry and Psychic Development near Greenslopes, Brisbane

In this two day Psychic Development Course near Greenslopes, Brisbane, Queensland, you will learn how to become more involved with the Spirit World. Specific meditations and psychic exercises are taught involving opening your Third Eye or Chakra, our Intuitive Chakra and the Crown Chakra, leading to connection to the Higher Realms of Light. You will also learn how to balance your Chakra System, (the seven major energy centres in the body together with our 21 minor Chakras). This leads to a stronger connection to our High Guides.

"I have just finished my mediumship course with Gary and I found him to be the real deal. The tools he presents to you are straight forward yet extremely effective. He is very methodical and I really loved that about his teachings. It is a safe and gentle environment and you are supported along the way and no question is ever left unanswered. I am very honoured and blessed to have been taught by such an amazing teacher who takes his work very seriously. I feel confident in my ability to connect to Spirit after completing this course and looking forward to learning more from Gary."

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